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152.4 m Detachable fibre optic HDMI cable

Part # 016.001.0500

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152.4 m Detachable fibre optic HDMI cable

Celerity Fiber Optic HDMI cables are an easy-to-use, secure connection for home video distribution, conference room presentation systems, classroom projection systems, digital signage and wherever a high definition video display is located. Fiber optics provides the speed and bandwidth needed for the best picture quality for high definition video at lengths up to 1000 feet; supporting the long distances required in commercial video solutions. No extenders, baluns or amplifiers are needed and Celerity fiber optic cables are EMI free allowing them to be installed with multiple cable pulls, providing the flexibility for remote component locations. Supporting 4K @ 60Hz performance up to 1000 feet, Celerity cables are plenum rated and do not require time consuming fiber terminations. The Celerity Technologies Detachable Fiber Optic HDMI system is designed to solve the installer’s common problems with long distance HDMI and concealed installations in home and business.

Engineered for installers - 2 Steps to Fiber Optic HDMI

The Celerity Detachable Fiber Optic connector supports a thin, durable, plenum rated cable in multiple lengths up to 1000 feet. The fiber optics are pre-terminated with a miniature plug (9mm width) which supports fiber optic transfer to and from HDMI. The miniature plug eliminates the need for time-consuming fiber terminations and the need for costly fiber optic tools. The miniature fiber optic plug securely connects to the Celerity Detachable HDMI connector at the source and display components.



Part # 016.001.0500
Manufacturer Celerity
Supported distance up to 1,000 feet
Supported resolutions [email protected] UltraHD
Supported features HDMI High Speed
Deep Color
Audio Return Channel Yes
Cable jacket plenum rated
Fiber optic cable
pull strength
60 pounds
Available lengths
10.6m 35f
12.2m 40f
15.2m 50f
18.2m 60f
24.3m 80f
30.4m 100f
48.7m 160f
60.9m 200f
152.4m 500f
304.8m 1000f
Custom lengths

Available in 50’ (15.2m) increments from 250’ to 950’ (76.2m to 290m)


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