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4Cabling Australia - About Us

4Cabling is Australia's leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of cabling, server racks and IT management accessories. We specialise in cables, server rack equipment, data, fibre, and other electrical cabling products.

Started in 2006 to offer an alternative to an outdated model of marking-up products to pass on to consumers, 4Cabling decided to remove the middle-man and offer quality products at the best price to consumers, retailers, and tradies alike. We can now boast 2 Connect & Collect Centres - Alexandria, Sydney and Murarrie, Brisbane.

4Cabling is a multi-award winning business and has been recognised by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. We focus on providing superior customer service, a personal touch and expert sales staff who are passionate about the products they sell.

As the preferred partner for many of Australia’s largest companies and government departments, 4Cabling has sold millions of high-quality products to local and international customers and groups, including the Brisbane G20, the Australia Open, and Ikea. 4Cabling continues to build upon its reputation of always delivering the best price, best service, and best quality.

4Cabling About Us


4Cabling About Us
4Cabling About Us 4Cabling About Us
4Cabling About Us 4Cabling About Us
4Cabling About Us
4Cabling About Us 4Cabling About Us

The 4Cabling difference

Before the launch of 4Cabling, the data communications industry was dominated by a handful of big brands that would pass their products onto a distributor, who would then sell their products to an exclusive network of electrical and data wholesalers.

By the time a server rack had gone from the big brand manufacturer to the distributor and then onto the electrical wholesaler, it had already passed through a number of hands, each increasing the price to get their cut. But it didn’t stop there, the wholesaler would then sell it to a contractor, who would then mark it up before selling it to the customer. By the time everyone had added their costs, the customer would have no choice but to purchase the product at an insanely inflated price. It was clearly an inefficient and outdated supply model, with far too many links in the chain. So we put a stop to it.

At 4Cabling, we keep our costs low by distributing ourselves. The item doesn’t change hands 3 or 4 times before it gets to you, so you get the same quality for a far better price.

Experts who are on your side

At 4Cabling, we’re on your side. We know what it’s like to lose jobs because your material costs are too high. We know how frustrating it is when your order doesn’t arrive on time. We know how angry you get when you’ve been sent the wrong items, the wrong sizes, or the wrong volume. We understand the frustration of dealing with inexperienced, rude or unhelpful service staff. We know all this because we’ve experienced these frustrations first hand - we started out as cable installers ourselves!

We’re passionate about the industry and understand how vitally important it is to have a partner you can depend on.

4Cabling prides itself on being a team of industry experts who deliver top quality products and superior service at market-leading prices.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please visit our contact us page, and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

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