About Just Cables

Welcome to JUST CABLES, the first eTool in it’s class that works across any screen that has internet access (mobile, web, TV, tablet) where you can find and purchase cables in less than 5 minutes.

JUST CABLES represents exactly what the name implies, we distribute just cables, where you can find what you need on the go, checked-out, having your items dispatched the same day.

JUST CABLES is an Australian owned and operated, a direct to consumer wholesale cable eStore, providing you with the easiest and simplest way to purchase cables. We specialise in audio, video, power, data, fibre cables and we have more than a 1000 different varieties available.

JUST CABLES follows a straightforward step-by-step formula allowing you to quickly find exact cable you need and check out because of the eTools unique design making it a painless online purchasing experience.

We understand your time is important and we want to provide you with the quickest and most efficient service.

JUST CABLES prides itself for delivering best of breed products, certified and quality tested in the most efficient way, and delivered next day with FREE metro shipping.

Our team can be contacted by email 24 / 7 should you require any assistance, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality of service.

If you have any further questions about how JUST CABLES works, or about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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