1. Which screw to use?

    Which screw to use?

    We've got a range of screws for you to choose from!

    Get to know which types of screws to use. Different types of screws have varied applications and as with everything else in the construction industry and DIY world, the job is so much easier done with the right tools, knowledge, equipment and products.


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  2. How to identify the right HDMI® cable for you!

    How to identify the right HDMI® cable for you!

    An HDMI® cable is a prerequisite for high definition picture and high-quality sound, but between speed differences, 4K capabilities and other specifications, you can end up in knots trying to identify the right cable. 

    The requirements

    • The gamer: Be it solo or multi-player, to stand a winning chance in the game, you need a reliable HDMI®
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  3. Supercharged: what is surge protection?

    Supercharged: what is surge protection?

    Surge-protected powerboard”, “comes with surge protection”... sounds good, and you know, safe, but what does surge protection actually mean?

    Surge protection keeps your equipment safe by ensuring only a designated amount of power reaches your device(s) by channelling the extra voltage into the outlet's grounding wire. This type of protection differs from the likes of a circuit break

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  4. TP-Link Omada - The Smarter Cloud Solution for Business Networking

    TP-Link Omada - The Smarter Cloud Solution for Business Networking

    Software Defined Networking (SDN) with Cloud Access

    Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including access points, switches and gateways, providing 100% centralized cloud management. Omada creates a highly scalable network—all controlled from a single interface. Seamless wireless and wired connections are provided, ideal for use in hospitality, education, retail, offices, and more.

    Multi-user privilege assignment is available to increase management efficiency and security. Multi-person management, multi-level permissions, and

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  5. Stand up for brackets and stands

    Stand up for brackets and stands

    What are brackets and stands and why would you use them?

    You invest in quality TVs, computer monitors and devices, so it is important to preserve them from damage. Brackets and stands both protect and elevate your precious equipment, the perfect addition to your entertainment or office set-up. Mounting devices at the desk or wall can have ergonomic benefits too. 


    1) Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket

    When would you use it: To secure a

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