What Are the Advantages of a Wired Connection?

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The world around us is going wireless, but wired connection still have a lot of advantages. If you normally access your PC from a fixed location, you can benefit from a wired LAN connection, which offers speed, reliability and security often hard to get through WiFi.

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Is it really faster and more reliable?

A wired LAN connection is just plain faster than Wi-Fi. This matters a great deal when you are dealing with desktop PC’s, game consoles, TV-streaming boxes or other devices. If you use LAN cables which are used in a common household (<50m) you won’t have much disturbance in the lines. Otherwise physical obstacles, thick walls, water pipes or other connected equipment can be a huge problem and disturb your Wi-Fi connection. If you upload or download very large files, or use a large number of devices on your network, a LAN connection is wiser for you. You get a constant connection without any troubles.



Why is a wired connection much safer?

If a physical connection is needed to access the network, the business is full of control of who and what gets online. While this has obvious security benefits of keeping unauthorised visitors out of your network, it also means your network will not be overloaded with non-business critical traffic. Another point is, that it is harder to hack into a wired network than a wireless one that has not been set up with proper encryption, password protection and MAC addressing. In our times, it is normal to shop online and use online banking. Social engineering scams are a big issue and cause a lot of damage. Eavesdroppers can gather your logins, credit card details and passwords and can modify traffic to masquerade as you, with financial or legal consequences.


Does both have the same energy consumptions?

Generally your household or office will consume less electricity if your router can send a stream of electrons down a wire versus a wireless setup.




Making the right choice 

So, when should you choose wired instead of Wireless LAN?

If you normally access your PC from a fixed location or you are a serious gamer and your console or PC does not get a consistent fast connections, then you will benefit from a wired connection. A wired connection is very useful if you upload or download large files, or if you simply have a large number of devices on your network, you may notice significant improvements from having a wired solution. So for reliability, speed and better security, opt for a wired connection.

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