Cat 5 & Cat 6 Patch Leads

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A patch lead, also known as a patch cable or patch cord, is a cable used to connect devices for signal routing. The term comes from the idea of 'patching' into devices like computers or routers. Patch leads come in different colours to help with cable management, letting you recognise the right cable when there may be lots to sort through. 4Cabling carries an extensive range of Patch Leads in a variety of lengths and colours. Patch Leads include Cat 5e RJ45-RJ45 Network Cable, 110-110 2 Pair Cat 5e Patch Lead, Ethernet Patch Leads, Cat 6 RJ45-RJ45 Network Cable, Cat 6 Lockable Patch Cord. Should you are unable to find the length, colour or termination you're looking for, or have other specific needs please get contact with our helpful customer service team to organise a custom order.

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