Multimode Fibre Optic Cables: OM4/OM3

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When it comes to OM4 Mulitmode Optic Fibre Cable and your Fibre Optic Network requirements there are many aspects of optical-fibre cable installation guidelines to be examined.

In whatever space your Optical Fibre Cable is being installed, there are always some basic guidelines that must be followed. Always support the fibre optic cable and avoid crushing, stressing and overbending it. Every cable, including Fibre Optic Internet cable will have values for minimum bend radius and maximum tensile loading, it is of utmost important these values NOT be exceeded. Fibre Optic cables should never be allowed to hang freely for long distances or to press against edges in an installation.

Good cable management is key. Flexible conduit can be placed within boxes or at interfaces to prevent pressure against the fibre optic cable or scraping on rough edges. Flexible conduit can also be added in areas open to frequent access, such as raised computer-room floors, where there is a higher potential risk to the cable. Again, when taking care of your cable for your Fibre Optic network, get advice from the professional here at 4Cabling.

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