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Moving Office?

    Office moves can be stressful and time consuming. Despite detailed planning there are always last minute glitches. One of the biggest issues is the lack of planning regarding data and communication needs. Moving office often requires reviewing your technology equipment prior to the move and answering questions like:
  • Should we be upgrading our equipment?
  • Is the cabling infrastructure in the new office suitable?
  • What network cabling is required?
  • Are there enough power outlets and power boards?
  • Have we evaluated server room requirements and are our server racks the right size?
  • Do we have the correct cable management systems?

4cabling can provide you with all your data and communication needs and help make your office move less stressful and hassle free. We specialise in voice, data, fibre, electrical cabling and server rack equipment. Whether its cables, cable ties, switches, server racks or cable management systems you need you can shop online at For all your office move requirements visit the 4Cabling website and shop our full product range online.

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