Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Uninterruptable Power Supply or UPS is an integral part of any networking installation. Uninterruptable power supply equipment ensures that your hardware is always powered on even during black-outs. It's important to connect your server and networking equipment to a UPS, because it lets your users save documents if the office loses power. 4Cabling is a leading provider for Australian-approved power products and UPS backup products.
4Cabling sells a number of uninterruptable power supply products. The right product should support your hardware. If you don't have the right UPS for your hardware, the UPS doesn't have the capability to keep the hardware powered on. The result is your equipment loses power and users lose data.

Make sure you install the best UPS resources on your network. 4Cabling only sells the best in power outlets, surge protectors and UPS backups.

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