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Shop Desk Cable Management Products

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with tangled cables and a messy desk setup, desk cable management products can help organise your workspace and reduce clutter. 

At 4Cabling, we have a diverse range of desk cable organiser products to suit your individual setup and transform your workplace, such as cable management tools, cable ties and wraps, and more! 

Whether you're organising a few cables on a small desk or tackling cable management at an enterprise level, 4Cabling has everything you need. We also provide free shipping on orders over $50, so you can enjoy a hassle free shopping experience!

Browse our extensive range of products online. If you have any questions or need assistance, fill out our form on our contact us page and a member of our customer service team will be more than happy to help you find the perfect cable management solution.

FAQ Section

What are some common tools used for desk cable management?

At 4Cabling, we offer a variety of tools that are commonly used to manage your cable setup at your desk:

  • Cable ties are a versatile and inexpensive option to bundle and secure your cables together. They are offered in multiple sizes and materials to accommodate different thicknesses in cables, providing a very neat look.
  • Cable clips can attach to the underside of your desk, providing a convenient way to route and hold your cables in place and out of sight.
  • Cable sleeves on the other hand create a clean and streamlined look. They are flexible tubes that encase your cables, available in different sizes and colors to match your desk's aesthetics.
  • Cable raceways are channels or tracks that mount to your desk, so that you can route multiple cables that run to the same place in a structured manner. We also offer adhesive-backed options for easy installation.
  • Cable management trays are similar to raceways, yet many can hang from the wall, a shelf, or off the side of your desk to store the cables.
  • Cable management boxes create a clean and clutter-free look by concealing your cables and power outlets. Some boxes include openings or notches to allow cables to pass through while keeping them organised.

How do I choose the right cable management tools for my desk?

There are many factors to consider when setting up a cable management desk solution. Size and layout of your desk or office is the first consideration. If you only have a few cables to manage and a smaller desk space, then cable ties and clips would work best. If you have a larger desk and a decent number of cables to coordinate, you might find raceways or sleeves would be more suitable.

Another consideration includes aesthetics and functionality. If you prefer a more simple and minimalist look to your setup, the cable management under desk options such as cable sleeves, raceways or a cable management box would be effective in hiding the cables from plain sight. Whereas, if your main focus is on functionality then simple cable ties or clips would suit. 

Can I install desk cable management systems myself?

Yes - most of our cable management products are designed for easy installation. Our clear instructions that come with our products will guide you through the step-by-step process. With simple tools such as a screwdriver or adhesive, you will be able to transform your messy cables into a tidy workspace.

How often should I update my cable management system?

The frequency of updating your cable management system depends entirely on your set up and the rate of change in your equipment. As a general note, if you are purchasing more devices, or notice your cables becoming increasingly tangled or burdensome, then purchasing cable management products is important. Additionally, you should be cleaning your setup regularly to avoid dust build-up and to maintain consistent functionality. Periodically cleaning your set up will only increase orgainsation and reduce clutter. 

How do I hide cables on my desk?

You will find that many desk cable management products will allow you to hide your cables from plain sight, especially under desk cable management. For example, routing your cables through an under desk cable tray, sleeve, raceway, or storing your cables within a management box is a discrete, affordable means to hiding your desk cables.


Visit our online store to browse our extensive range of desk cable management products. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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