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Why is proper cable management so important?

When setting up or revamping an office space, the top of your list usually includes the likes of servers, ethernet cables and a UPS, right? Well, make room, people, because another star of the show is about to climb the charts.

Cable management tools are often an afterthought - a nice extra once you’ve set up the ‘important’ stuff. However, these tools are essential to a cohesive office environment for a plethora of reasons... 

School holiday streaming: maintaining a good network connection

Your internet bandwidth - and you, for that matter - have been in training the last three months for this: it’s the school holidays. 

Normally, it’s the two-week period where your internet connection and modem takes a real thrashing, with three devices to a person (okay, two, plus a constant fight for the tele), each streaming something different. Of course, this year has been a little different, but there are still a few amendments you can make to maintain the peace and continuous streaming.

Why an ergonomic set-up isn’t just for the workplace

In many workplaces, the art of ergonomics is paramount, however, we don’t necessarily go to the same lengths at home when, really, it should be the place we are most comfortable. 

An ergonomic set-up ensures the space you work, relax, or sleep is most in line with how the body works, ultimately preventing injury. At 4Cabling, we sell the tools and equipment to modify your existing set-up and make it work for you and your body.

A comparison of our new Domestic Electrical series

You may have noticed that we're REALLY excited to be offering you our new Domestic Electrical range of products!

And we know that there a lot of them, so what ARE the differences between each range?

If you want to cut to the chase, we've developed this handy COMPARISON SHEET for you to download.

Seven Ways To Create The Optimum Home Office Space

With COVID-19, we’ve reset the way we work! With most people working from home at least part of the time, it’s time to overcome home office obstacles. Here’s seven ways to create the optimum home office space!

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