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SFP Transceivers & Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Overview

4Cabling offers a full range of SFP transceivers that are well priced and in stock. Browse the 4Cabling range of Plus Optic, Ubiquiti and OEM compatible transceivers.

Our DACs meet the highest standards available on the market today. We offer passive copper DACs, active copper DACs, and active optical cables (AOC) that deliver 100% compatibility with over 60 vendors including Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Dell, and others.

Changed business hours at some of our stores

Like many businesses, we are currently juggling the impacts of COVID on our business and we have had to adjust our trading hours and the services offered in some of our stores.

Find out how your local store has been impacted.

A spotlight on Outdoor Server Racks

4Cabling's outdoor server rack cabinets are designed to protect your sensitive network equipment from harsh environments. We have included features to safeguard your equipment from the elements, while still keeping it secure.

Plus, we've got stock available now, ready for collection or shipping today!

Website Feature Update (Logged In Users): See specific stock levels by location

See specific stock levels by location.

Not only will you see if a product is in stock or not, you’ll see how many units we have in each location.

Website Feature Update: Stock levels at a glance

Stock levels at a glance: You can easily see if we have stock on hand or if you’ll need to back order from the product listing page.

A spotlight on Off-the-shelf Pre-Term Fibre Reels

Our Off-the-Shelf Pre-Terminated Fibre Reels are perfect for when you can't wait for a custom fibre order.

Simply drop in and pick up what you need, or have it shipped to you wherever you need it across Australia.

We've got stock available now, ready for collection or shipping today!

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