Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cables

Loose Tube Dry Core fibre should be used when the required cable is either direct buried or installed within underground conduit. This type of fibre is designed to withstand most outdoor conditions including moisture ingress, thermal shock, lightning, wind abrasion, and ice loading. Loose Tube fibre has a ruggedised external PE jacket.

At our 4Cabling termination facility, we can manufacture pre-terminated cable to your specifications including length and connector type. Our Loose Tube Dry Core Fibre Optic Cables are fully tested and ready to be installed. They can be supplied on cable drums ready to ship out to your installation.

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  • Fibre Optic Loose Tube Cables are designed to suit underground duct or conduit installations
  • Provides flexibility and versatility to your installation
  • Structured or premise wiring systems in backbones and or inter-building
  • Perfect for the harsh Australian environment


  • Conforms to ITU-651, TIA/EIA492AAAD 
  • Manufactured with stringent quality control 
  • Fully tested - all leads are supplied with a factory test report 
  • Supports high-speed multi-channel data, voice & video applications
  • Sheath printing includes length marking at one-metre intervals
  • External PE jacket
  • Pulling systems available


Item Unit Single Mode Multi Mode
Attenuation dB/km 1310nm0.4
850 nm3.5
1300 nm1.5
Bandwidth MHz·?   50/125um 62.5/125um
850nm200 850nm160
1300nm200 130nm200
Dispersion Ps/nm.km 1285~1330nm=3.5
Zero Dispersion Wavelength Nm 1300~1324  
Zero Dispersion Slope Ps/nm.km 0.095  
Fibre Cutoff Wavelength Nm 1260  
Mode Field Diameter Um 9.2±0.5  
Mode Field Concentricity Um <=0.8  
Cladding Diameter Um 125±1.0 125±10
Cladding Non-Circularity % 1.0 1.0
Coating/Cladding Concentricity Error Um ≤12.5 ≤12.5
Coating Diameter Um 245±10 125±10
Bending, Dependence Induced Attenuation   1550nm 1 turns
32mm diameter 100 turns
60mm diameter
1300nm 100 turns
75mm diameter

Proof Test






Temperature Range

Storage or Transportation: -40~70℃
Operation: -40~70 ℃


Physical Characteristics

Fibre Count Outer Jacket Material OD (mm) Nominal Weight (kg/km) Max. Tension - Short Term Max. Tension - Long Term Max. Crushing Resistance (N/100) Short Term Max. Crushing Resistance (N/100) Long Term
2-12 PE 6.0±0.3 38 1000 400 1000 300


To get a better idea of your pre-terminated fibre requirements, please fill out our Pre-term Fibre checklist and one of our fibre experts will be in contact with you shortly.

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