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At the forefront of data management and networking solutions — our 4Cabling premium range of rack mounted power board and power rails stand ready to revolutionise the way you organise, maintain, and power your essential IT infrastructure. 

We stock only the highest quality rack power boards and rack power rails for a number of different applications and shelving setups. Each engineered with reliability at the core, our rack power boards and rack power supply solutions are designed to seamlessly accommodate a wide array of devices. 

4Cabling rack mount power boards are manufactured to exceptional standards and will provide your operations with unprecedented value for money. Whether you're looking to integrate servers, network switches, routers, or AV equipment, if it's designed for rack mounting and fits the rack size, our rack power supply range will support it.

What is a rack power board?

Rack power boards are an integral part of any business IT infrastructure. A rack mount power board has been specially engineered to provide consistent and regulated power to a variety of devices and equipment mounted on the same rack.

An unparalleled blend of space-saving and organisation design, a 4Cabling server rack power board can also safeguard against service interruptions and downtime by providing stable and continuous power, even under the most challenging conditions.
With multiple power levels, rack mounted power boards distribute power from available power sources, ensuring crucial backup power delivery during a power outage, power surge, or fluctuation in power supply.

A rack mount power board is essential for server rooms and data centres for the smooth operation of critically demanding industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, transport, and telecommunications. 

What are the different types of mount power supplies?

Our 4Cabling range of server rack power boards and rails, includes:

  • 10A or 16A amps.
  • 1RU or 2RU.
  • Horizontal or vertical.
  • 230v or 250v.
  • 6 to 24 ways
  • Plus all types of IEC inputs and outputs.

 What are some factors to consider when choosing a mount power supply?

For multiple pieces of hardware and equipment, or if lack of space is a concern, rack mounted power supply is a great option.  

When looking for a mount power supply for your business, you should strongly consider factors such as:

  • The specific power protection requirements of your business or industry.
  • The space available for server racks, the existing environment, and the level of accessibility - for straightforward installations, maintenance, and cooling/ventilation conditions.
  • Whether you need a mount power supply that offers scalability, flexibility, or portability.
  • Aesthetics - if you want a setup that is going to integrate seamlessly with your office interior.
  • Any additional security features that will be required. 

Different mount power supply products offer key features, so you may want to list down what it is you need in your mount power supply, and our 4Cabling team can assist you to choose the most suitable rack mount. 

 What are the safety precautions I need to take with a rack mounted power board and rack supplies?

  • Ensure that your power supply can handle the load and will distribute power to all equipment and devices.
  • Check the rack mounts are level and secured before installing equipment.
  • Distribute weight evenly - bulkier items should go on the lower racks and centred.  
  • Check AC input power - if you’re unsure, use the maximum rated input current.
  • Provide proper cooling management to avoid overheating.
  • Any equipment that gets hot shouldn’t be placed on top of each other - you may need to distance heat-sensitive devices.
  • Be mindful of the cable management - there should be no tangling or the possibility that ventilation or cooling could be obstructed.

How do I maintain mount power supply?

Power components can wear out over time, so they will need to be replaced. To save yourself the hassle, you should always: 

  • Choose high-quality power supplies - larger units also tend to have a longer life expectancy.
  • Look at the efficiency rating and aim for a high power efficiency rating.
  • Avoid overloading the power supply - to do this you will need to calculate the total power consumption of all the devices that will be connected to the power supply and from there choose the correct wattage rating.

Other tips for extending the lifespan of your mount power supply, include:

  • Maintain a stable temperature by  providing enough space around the power supply unit for proper air circulation.    
  • Clean away dust build-up regularly - set a routine if needed (at least every 3 months but more frequently if the environment is dust prone).
  • Integrate a good quality surge protector as an additional layer of protection on your hardware and valuable electronic devices.  
  • Keep the cables as uncluttered as possible - cable ties (or the equivalent) will help to organise and secure cables and cords.  
  • Regularly inspect components of the power supply and replace worn components when  required. 

For further information or advice on 4Cabling rack power board products, power rails and  supplies, contact us today.

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