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Cable Umbilical Cords | Umbilical Cable Management - 4Cabling

Umbilical Cable Management Products

Do you have too many cords running across the floor, and they’re becoming a trip hazard or an eyesore? Or, do you have powerpoints and cords running from difficult to reach and non-discreet locations, such as from the ceiling?


You can consolidate and protect batches of cords discreetly with umbilical cable management solutions


Whether you need to organise a huge corporate desk system, engineering or manufacturing environment, or even if you need to enclose a number of cords in your own home, 4Cabling has the right products that will suit your needs. 


You can browse our extensive range of umbilical cable products online including floor to desk, ceiling to desk, and ceiling to floor cable management products. We also stock other cable management products such as management rails and cable trays, which can be used either for smaller scale needs or larger, data centre solutions. 


If you have any questions or concerns, visit out contact us page where one of our customer service team members will be in touch. 

FAQ Section

What is the benefit of an umbilical cable?

An umbilical cable, is a flexible and visually appealing way to enclose wires that run between two stations. The main benefit of using an umbilical cable to conceal cables or wires, is that it can connect a stationary point to a moving structure, such as attaching equipment on wheels or a vehicle to its main power source without losing its connection.


Furthermore, umbilical cords can be extremely versatile, and can eliminate the need for on-floor cable management needs.

  • This is helpful in a variety of situations including:
  • When equipment is being transported along a production line and still needs to be connected to power.
  • When robots or equipment on wheels need to move around in an environment, and still need to receive power from a stationary point.
  • When cords attached to a stationary point will need to move/change location around a given space regularly.
  • When there are cables and wires hanging freely from the ceiling to the floor, or the ceiling to desks, and need to be contained.

Where are umbilical poles best used?

Umbilical posts are typically used in commercial and office spaces, to reduce trip hazards and organise cables in a neat and aesthetic way. 


They are best used for ceiling to desk, ceiling to floor, or floor to desk cable management. This is to protect the cords from damage, but also to prevent any hazards where individuals may trip over or bump the cords accidentally. This is particularly helpful for ceiling to desk cable management, or ceiling to floor cable management, as cords and wires are more exposed. 


And unlike ducting or trunking, when using umbilical cable management, cables and wires will not be imbedded in walls or floors, and are more accessible to move and reorganise.

Why is cord management important?

Investing in a cable management system is important for organisational and safety reasons, and it can also improve the visual/aesthetic appearance of a given space. 


Cord management organises cords in a tidy and efficient manner, removing lose cables running across the floor and becoming a trip hazard. This can be helful in emergies where power needs to be turned off quickly, as you have more clarity around where your cords are connected to power.


In addition, protecting cords in a solid and durable structure, such as umbilical cables, cable ducts or cable trunking, also works to prevent damage to the individual cables and wires such as kinking, fraying or entanglement. 


Not to mention, having lots of cables running over floors or walls can be an eyesore. Purchasing a cable management system is a great solution to hiding cables, especially in your home, office, or workplace.

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