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Network Server Racks

4Cabling's range of floor standing and wall mount server racks & cabinets offer unprecedented value for money and quality. We stock server racks and server cabinets to suit every installation scenario, whether it is a small freestanding or wall hung server rack to a full-blown state-of-the-art sophisticated server room.

Server racks protect your important and valuable networking and communication equipment in a business setting or offer a safe and neat wall mount solution at your home's networking consolidation point. 4Cabling's server rack & cabinet range will always fit just right, just slide in your 19” rack mountable device and you are good to go.

4Cabling server rack is suited for the following applications: Small, medium, and large server network; Securing secured network equipment such as DVR, Switches, and Routers; Mounting patch panels and switches; Network communication equipment, such as telephone systems, PABX, etc.; and other 19” rack mountable sensitive equipment.

Our server cabinet range is offered as a one-box solution including most of the items you will need or want in a typical installation. Our racks include shelves, fans, quality welded construction, cage nuts, safety glass front doors, and a power rail to get you started. Wall mount cabinets units have a unique Cam lock on the front. Our floor-standing units come with leveling feet, castor wheels, and a removable rear door.

4Cabling stock and sell Wall Mount Server Racks, Half Height Server Racks, and Full Height Server Racks. We have server racks solution from 4RU, 12RU,  22RU, up to 45RU. Browse our extensive products online and if you have any questions, please visit our contact us page, and one of our customer service team will be in touch with you shortly. 

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Why do I need a server rack for my network equipment?

A server rack is an essential component of an efficient networking system, as it organises your equipment, optimises airflow to allow for cooling, and also provides the security and protection for all of your individual components. When you install a well built server rack system, you can easily maintain your network products and connection to ensure its longevity, especially improving the ease of troubleshooting or making upgrades.

Can I install network equipment without a server rack?

While it’s technically possible to install networking equipment without a server rack cabinet, it is highly recommended to use one for several reasons. The key advantages includes proper ventilation for your equipment, cable management and organisation of your cords, and it provides various security features. An organised and efficient network cabinet ensures that maintenance tasks are simpler and more convenient, as well as allowing for scalability when you need to integrate more equipment. 

Therefore, while you can forego a server or data rack, it’s advisable not to when considering the benefits. 

How do I manage cables in a network server rack?

Proper cable management is crucial in a network server rack to maintain organisation, make cables more accessible, and prevent damage. Consider how you can implement the following to ensure effective cable management:

  • Use cable management accessories: Cable trays, racks and network cable ties allow you to neatly route and secure your cables, organising your set up and preventing tangling.
  • Label your cables: Labeling cables with tags or color coding can assist with identification and troubleshooting. It makes it easier to trace specific cables when needed, saving both time and effort.
  • Consider cable management panels: Panels can be installed in the network rack to separate power and data cables to reduce potential interference.

How can I prevent problems with my network server rack?

Here are the actions you can take to prevent problems with your network server rack: 

  • Ensure that your rack has sufficient cooling mechanisms in place, including fans, air conditioning, or ventilation systems. It’s important to maintain the proper temperature inside the rack to reduce the risk of overheating, and extend the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Dust buildup can obstruct airflow and lead to overheating. Its important that you regularly clean the server rack, including the equipment and the surrounding area, to prevent dust accumulation.
  • Make sure the server rack is installed properly, leveled, and securely anchored to prevent any accidents or instability. 

Where can I learn more about network server racks?

If you want more information about network server racks and how you can set up your networking equipment effectively, don’t hesitate to contact us. We also offer a comprehensive server rack best practices guide that you can read to gain further insights. 

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