Cable Management

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Organise your home or office with 4Cabling Cable Management products

Whether your cable management job is simply organising your desk at home or setting up a new office network fit-out, 4Cabling cable management products can help. From fit-outs to simple jobs, organise bulk telephone, video, audio or network cables with our range of under the desk, umbilical, and floor cable management.

4Cabling stock a large range of cable ties, management rails, spiral wraps and cable labels to support your cable management needs. We carry Elsafe desk cable trunking for a small home or office desks. We have cable ties or cable wraps to organise cables at the back of a server rack or group of workstations. We carry several desk cable management products to organise cables vertically. These cable management tools span from your desk to the ceiling or from the floor to your desk. 4Cabling has floor cable covers to avoid trips and keep your cables tidy.

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