HDMI® Extender 4K@ 60Hz Support | IR Repeat with HDMI Loop Through| Up to 90m
SKU: 006.008.9021

HDMI® Extender 4K@ 60Hz Support | IR Repeat with HDMI Loop Through| Up to 90m

$328.90 $299.00
$328.90 $299.00
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  • Plug and play, without software installation
  • Supports resolution of up to 4K@60Hz
  • Transmission distance of up to 90m
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HDMI® Extender 4K@ 60Hz Support | IR Repeat with HDMI Loop Through| Up to 90m 

Transform your audiovisual experience with our cutting-edge HDMI® Extender 4K@60Hz, featuring IR Repeat and HDMI Loop Through capabilities. This state-of-the-art device delivers a stunning 4K resolution at 60Hz and supports a transmission distance of up to 90 meters via CAT6/6A cable, allowing you to extend your audiovisual setup to greater distances. With amazing ipcolour Image technology, enjoy visually lossless compression that surpasses other solutions, providing superior visual quality and eliminating compression artifacts.


Experience zero latency and seamless synchronization of audio and video signals with our HDMI extender. It supports bi-directional IR Passback, allowing you to control your devices effortlessly from any end of the setup. The extender's additional HDMI loop out and S/PDIF out options provide enhanced audio flexibility. Furthermore, it supports 1080P@60Hz for an impressive distance of 120 meters, ensuring high-quality transmission even at longer distances.


Safety and durability are paramount. Our extender comes in a sturdy metal enclosure, ensuring the protection and longevity of the internal components. It also features built-in Lightning, Surge, and ESD Protection, safeguarding your valuable equipment against unexpected electrical disturbances.


Upgrade your audiovisual setup with the ultimate HDMI® Extender 4K@60Hz, revolutionizing your entertainment and professional installations. Elevate your viewing experience and enjoy unrivaled transmission quality, even up to 120 meters. Don't settle for anything less—choose our advanced HDMI extender now and unlock the true potential of your audiovisual content. Order today and embark on a remarkable journey of audiovisual excellence.


  • Ipcolour Image
  • Point to point extender
  • Zero Latency
  • Supports resolution of up to 4K@ 60Hz 
  • Max Distance 120m with the resolution of 1080P
  • Transmission distance of up to 90m via CAT6/6A cable
  • Bi-direction IR Passback
  • S/PDIF out
  • HDMI loop out
  • Includes a transmitter unit (TX) and a receiver unit (RX), working as a pair
  • Metal enclosure
  • Built-in Lightning, Surge, and ESD Protection


1-year limited warranty


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SKU 006.008.9021
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Video Output HDMI
Warranty 1 Year
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