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Loose Tube Optical Cable at 4Cabling

Loose Tube fibre should be used when the required cable is either direct buried or installed within underground conduit.

This type of fibre is designed to withstand most outdoor conditions including moisture ingress, thermal shock, lightning, wind abrasion, and ice loading. Loose Tube fibre has a ruggedised external PE jacket.

  • Available as Terminated or Unterminated
  • Custom configured, terminated and fully tested in our own cleanroom
  • Designed for external underground installations in ducts or direct burial in
Loose Tube Fibre RollLoose Tube Fibre Roll

Technical Data

Number of Fibres 2 to 24
Cladding Diameter 125±1.0μm
Cladding Non-Circularity ≤1.0%
Cable Nominal Diameter 6.0±0.3mm
Cable Nominal Weight 38kg/km
Max. Tension Short Term/Long Term 1.0/0.4kN
Max. Installation Resistance (Short Term) 1.0kN/100mm
Max. Installation Resistance (Long Term) 0.3kN/100mm
Coating/Cladding Concentricity Error ≤12.5μm
Coating Diameter 245±1.0μm
Temperature Range -40 to +70°C
Loose Tube Fibre Cross SectionLoose Tube Fibre Cross Section


  • Conforms to ITU-651, TIA/EIA492AAAD
  • Manufactured with stringent quality control
  • Fully tested - all leads are supplied with a factory test report
  • Supports high speed multi-channel data, voice & video applications
  • Sheath printing includes length marking at one meter intervals
  • External PE jacket
  • Pulling systems available


  • Fibre Optic Loose Tube Cables are designed to suit underground duct or conduit installations
  • Provides flexibility and versatility to your installation
  • Structured or premise wiring systems in backbones and/or inter-building
  • Perfect for the harsh Australian environment

Cable components

  • Outer jacket PE sheath
  • Glass yarn
  • Coloured fibre
  • PBT Loose tube


  • 3 Years

Raw Fibre - Available SKUs

UT.I.6.OM3.LT.DC 6 Core OM3 Multimode Loose Tube Dry Core $4.53
UT.I.6.OM4.LT.DC 6 Core OM4 Multimode Loose Tube Dry Core $6.93
UT.I.6.OS2.LT.DC 6 Core OS2 Singlemode Loose Tube Dry Core $1.81
UT.I.12.OM3.LT.DC 12 Core OM3 Multimode Loose Tube Dry Core $7.10
UT.I.12.OM4.LT.DC 12 Core OM4 Multimode Loose Tube Dry Core $11.81
UT.I.12.OS2.LT.DC 12 Core OS1/OS2 Singlemode Loose Tube Dry Core $2.21
UT.I.24.OM3.LT.DC 24 Core OM3 multimode Loose Tube Dry Core $13.75
UT.I.24.OM4.LT.DC 24 Core OM4 multimode Loose Tube Dry Core $21.88
UT.I.24.OS2.LT.DC 24 Core OS1/OS2 Singlemode Loose Tube Dry Core $3.95


ADDITIONAL FEES: Assembly fee of $30 applies to each drum / Drum fees will be included on quote based on cable length.


4Cabling provides world-class Fibre Optic products

4Cabling's Fibre Optic Cables are the installers' choice Australia wide. Our fibre is manufactured to the highest grade with stringent quality guidelines. Every Fibre optic patch lead is 100% tested and comes with a test report. Don't risk the performance of your network or installation by installing cheap grade fibre. If you are looking for high-grade telecom grade fibre products 4Cabling will be your number one choice for your cabling solution. We also offer an onsite fibre termination facility right here in Sydney.

To help us assess your pre-terminated fibre requirements please fill out this questionnaire.

Benefits of 4Cabling Fibre Optic Cable

  • Meet EC, EIA, TIA & Telcordia standards
  • World class manufacturing with stringent quality control
  • All leads are supplied with a factory test report
  • 4C fibre leads are immune to electromagnetic noise
  • Simplex and Duplex configurable assemblies for LC SC ST and MTRJ patch leads

At 4Cabling we provide world-class quality fibre optic cables in OS1/2, OM1, OM3 & OM4 in many terminations and lengths and fibre couplers. No matter the size of the job, we can help with your install.

In today’s global data communication evolution optical fibre plays a major role in connecting both ends. Fibre optics cable construction are smaller and more flexible against the conventional copper-based leads, fibre optics are made of a single strand of glass, but it is stronger than steel. All of our Fibre Optic Cables are manufactured with Corning Optical Fibre. Corning glass invented and manufactured the world first low-loss fibre optics which started the telecommunication/ data high-speed transfer revolution.

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