Professional Fibre Optic Terminators Tool Kit
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Professional Fibre Optic Terminators Tool Kit

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Professional Fibre Optic Terminators Tool Kit

Introducing the Professional Fibre Optic Terminators Tool Kit - Unleash Your Potential Today!

Are you looking for a complete solution to revolutionize your fibre optic terminations? Look no further than our exceptional Professional Fibre Optic Terminators Tool Kit. This comprehensive kit is meticulously crafted to empower professionals like you with the essential tools needed to achieve unparalleled results. Let us highlight the remarkable features that make this kit a must-have for every industry expert.


Superior Precision with Kevlar Scissors: Our kit includes high-quality Kevlar Scissors, meticulously engineered to deliver precise and clean cuts. With these scissors in hand, you can confidently prepare fibre optic cables for termination with unparalleled accuracy.


Impeccable Cleaning with Kim Wipes: Achieve immaculate fibre surface cleaning with our premium-grade Kim Wipes. These lint-free wipes effortlessly remove dust and debris, ensuring pristine connections and minimizing signal loss.


Effortless Stripping with the 3 Hole Stripper: Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming stripping methods! Our kit features a cutting-edge 3 Hole Stripper, specifically designed for quick and precise removal of outer jackets from fibre optic cables.


Uncompromising Safety with Protective Glasses: Prioritize your well-being with the included Safety Glasses, engineered to shield your eyes from potential hazards while providing crystal-clear visibility during terminations.


Seamless Termination with One Click Convenience: Simplify your termination process with the One Click connector cleaners for 1.25mm and 2.5mm connectors included in our kit. Experience consistent and reliable results with just a single click!


Swift Jacket Slitting: Our Jacket Slitter enables effortless access to the fibre without compromising the core, saving you valuable time and effort during terminations.


Reliable Splice Protection: Safeguard your connections with 100x Splice Protectors included in the kit. These protectors ensure secure and durable fibre splices, shielding them from environmental factors.


Enhanced Troubleshooting with Visual Fault Locator (VFL): Pinpoint faults and breaks in fibre optic cables quickly and efficiently using the cutting-edge VFL included in our kit. Streamline your troubleshooting process and minimize downtime.


Precision Measurements with Tape Measure: Achieve accurate measurements during installations and terminations with the reliable Tape Measure included in the kit. No more guesswork or imprecise alignments!


Streamlined Jacket Stripping: Our Jacket Stripper simplifies the removal of outer jackets, allowing you to access the fibre core effortlessly and expedite your workflow.


Seamless Fibre Cleaving with Cleaver: Achieve consistent and reliable fibre cleaving with the top-of-the-line Cleaver included in our kit. Say goodbye to uneven breaks and ensure optimum performance.


Responsible Disposal with Sharps Disposal Container: Prioritize safety and environmental consciousness with the inclusion of a Sharps Disposal Container. Properly dispose of sharp objects, ensuring a hazard-free workspace.


Portable and Organized with Carry Bag: Keep your tools organized and easily transportable with the convenient Carry Bag included in the kit. Stay efficient and prepared, whether you're on-site or on the move.


Illumination on Demand with LED Torch: Illuminate your workspace effortlessly with the powerful LED Torch included in our kit. No more struggling in dimly lit environments!


Versatile Cutting with Cable Cutter: Experience clean and precise cable cutting with the high-quality Cable Cutter included in the kit. Tackle various cable types with ease and efficiency.


Versatile Screwdriver Set: Our kit features a Screwdriver Set, equipped with both Flat and Philips heads. 


Unparalleled Precision with Stanley Knife: Enjoy unmatched precision with the included Stanley Knife, allowing you to make precise cuts and modifications as needed.


Upgrade your fibre optic terminations and unlock your true potential


  • Kevlar Scissors
  • Kim Wipes
  • 3 Hole Stripper
  • Safety Glasses
  • One Click 1.5mm
  • One Click 2.5mm
  • Jacket Slitter
  • 100x Splice Protectors
  • Visual Fault Locator VFL
  • Tape Measure
  • Jacket Stripper
  • Cleaver
  • Sharps Disposal Container
  • Carry Bag
  • LED Torch
  • Cable Cutter
  • Screw Driver ( Flat & Philips )
  • Stanley Knife


1-year limited warranty


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