Ubiquiti | Wave-Nano | UISP Wave Nano 60GHz + 5GHz 60 PtMP Station

Ubiquiti | Wave-Nano | UISP Wave Nano 60GHz + 5GHz 60 PtMP Station

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$458.24 $416.58
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Ubiquiti |  Wave-Nano | UISP Wave Nano Station 

Introducing the Ubiquiti Wave-Nano, a high-performance 60 GHz PtMP station powered by Wave Technology. This cutting-edge station is designed to boost your network's capabilities and elevate connectivity to new heights. When connected to a Ubiquiti Wave AP, the Wave-Nano delivers an impressive 2 Gbps total throughput (1 Gbps duplex), ensuring that your network operates at peak efficiency.


One of the standout features of the Ubiquiti Wave-Nano is its 5 GHz backup radio, providing you with an uninterrupted connection even in challenging conditions. This resilient backup radio ensures reliability and seamless performance, making it an ideal choice for various applications. With a remarkable link range of up to 5 km, this station offers expansive coverage, meeting the needs of your network, no matter the size. To simplify and expedite the setup process, the station is equipped with a Bluetooth radio, allowing for effortless configuration through the UISP® Mobile app. The Wave-Nano is your key to an advanced and high-speed network, providing superior connectivity and performance.


Additionally, the Ubiquiti Wave-Nano offers router mode support, allowing you to tailor your network to meet your specific requirements. Its integrated GPS antenna ensures precise positioning for optimized network performance. If you're in search of a high-quality PtMP station that can deliver the speed and reliability your network demands, the Ubiquiti Wave-Nano is the solution you've been waiting for. Elevate your network's performance with this powerful station and experience the difference that cutting-edge technology can make.


  • 5 GHz backup radio
  • Link range: up to 5 km
  • Router mode support
  • Integrated GPS antenna


  • Dimensions: Ø256.5 x 113.5 mm 
  • Weight:
    • Without mount:  932 g 
    • With mount: 1.2 kg
  • Enclosure material: Aluminum alloy, UV stabilized plastic
  • Mount material: Aluminum alloy, UV stabilized plastic
  • Pole mount diameter: 25 to 63.5 mm on pipe outer diameter
  • Wind loading: 127 N at 200 km/h (28.6 lbf at 125 mph)
  • Weatherproofing: IPX6


1-year limited warranty


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Brand Ubiquiti
Manufacturer Part# Wave-Nano
PoE Passive PoE
Package Single Pack
Colour White
Warranty 1 Year
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